Kårstø Processing Plant


In 2012 GCCD delivered the control room large screen display for the Kårstø processing plant, operated by Gassco. The setup consist of 2 operator stations with 2×5 LED Cubes and 2 operator stations with 2×6 60″ LED cubes, eyevis NPX4800 video controller and touch panel user interface. Making a total of 22 cubes and 4 video controllers with expansion chassis, the cubes are mounted in a curve.

GCCD's areas of expertise


GCCD provide solutions for 24/7 surveillance. Typically large screen displays, signal distribution / KVM and ergonomic furniture.


GCCD is well known with the high requirements for Military grade equipment and provides necessary equipment and project handling.

Power and electricity

GCCD can make the day for 24/7 operations that little bit better with user friendly technical solutions and ergonomic furniture.

Meetings and collaboration

GCCD will provide you with state of the art meeting and collaboration systems, including both technical solutions and ergonomic furniture.

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