New contract for GCCD at Kollsnes

GCCD has been awarded a contract to deliver large video wall displays to Kollsnes Processing Plant in Norway.

Global Control Center Design AS (GCCD) today proudly announces that they have been contracted by Aibel AS to upgrade the Central Control Room (CCR) and Simulator facilities at the Kollsnes processing plant. The upgrade will comprise two LED-based Large Video Wall Display systems.

The Kollsnes processing plant is operated by Gassco, and Equinor is technical service provider.

The new Large Video Walls will replace the existing video wall equipment that has reached the end of its life cycle.

The curved CCR video wall display will stand an impressive 13.4m x 2m, with a total resolution of 10 560 x1 620 pixels. The Simulator video wall will measure 6.7m x 1.7m with a total resolution of 7 040×1 800 pixels.

GCCD will be actively involved with Aibel and Equinor from the very early stages of the project, through design, program management, system delivery, installation, commissioning, documentation, and life cycle support.

The new, state-of-the-art Large Video Walls meet the highest industry standards for a 24/7 system to be operated in the demanding environment of a modern processing facility.

“This project further strengthens GCCD’s already close and long-lasting relationship with some of the industry’s key companies”, Sales Director Jørgen Mathiesen of GCCD says. “GCCD has already delivered a wide range of control room solutions to a variety of sectors over many years, and we expect the Kollsnes project to be one of several new and exciting projects, as the business continues to grow”, he continues.


Kollsnes processing plant is located west of Bergen, Norway, and processes the gas from the Troll, Kvitebjørn, Visund and Fram fields in the North Sea. The plant can process up to 144.5 million standard cubic meters (Sm3) of natural gas per day.

The plant at Kollsnes was opened in 1996 and plays an important role in export of gas to Europe from the Norwegian continental shelf, with approximately 40% of all Norwegian gas export going via this facility.

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