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Good quality products will take your project in the right direction, but equally important are the people handling it and their experience. We at GCCD have realized this and have put together a solid base of people to ensure the best quality in project planning and accomplishment as well as service and follow-up after the project has finished.

Global Control Center Design (GCCD) is a provider of complete and customized control center solutions. Innovative solutions, combined with state-of-the-art products, create a new generation of control rooms. Our knowledge, products and services are meant to generate continuous information of value to all control room operators.

GCCD is a Norwegian company with head office in Drammen, Norway. The company is a leading supplier of complete control center solutions based on human factor evaluations. Extensive task and facility analysis is behind every control center delivered by GCCD. This, combined with appropriate architectiual finishes, ergonometic consoles and furniture, colors and acoustics, ensure safe and reliable operator performance at any time.

GCCD Brochure (pdf, 4.8mb)

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